A simple, helpful GUI change and my thoughts on the world

#1 request - super-easy to implement - Please add something like “Higher means longer spoil timers” to the tooltip on every Settings slider.

Other stuff that’s not so simple…

I’d like to see a re-work of the temperature system. It seems like someone put in the mechanic but forgot to develop it beyond placeholder stage. Most armour, regardless of the quality or type, only provides one pip of elemental protection. It also seems that the “protection” actually modifies your heat level, as opposed to mitigating extremes. I’m currently wearing Silent Legion armour and carrying Mistmourn. I went to the Mounds of the Dead and got “frostbite” despite a complete lack of snow! I’m no materials scientist, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how insulation works.

Speaking of the Mounds… it would be nice if we could get an area of the map that would be a nice place to live. IE wasn’t dreary & raining all the time, but also wasn’t parched, frozen or baking!

The ‘sandstorm’ mask protects from sulphurous fumes of the Shattered Springs but not from noxious gas of the Black Garden. Was that an oversight?

I’d like to see greater variety in named thralls and spawns. Seriously, how many times do I have to kill Daicas the Sharp in Well?

I’d like to see more NPCs overall, see more that aren’t trying to kill me and have more to do with them than kill or enslave them! E.g. A faction standing system that lets you work towards freedom of a city, or lose the trust of one. It seems quite ridiculous that I can slaughter my way through Sepemeru without any consequences, and that rag-draped exiles on newbie river would attack someone wearing Silent Legion armour and carrying a sword as long as they are tall. I have to admit to have been somewhat disappointed after fighting my way to the Captain’s Quarters of Jamilla’s Liberty only to find a loot chest with a couple of pieces of steel, some level 1 food and a random animal organ. That’s a great opportunity to have an irregular spawn of a mini-boss that irregularly drops a nice piece of loot. I get that this is a PVP-centric game but it has potential to be an enjoyable PVE game as well and I think PVPers will probably enjoy many of the same things.

At the moment the game feels very empty with vast sections of the map un(der)utilised, NPCs like Klael that have no reason to exist, doors in dungeons that don’t open, etc. Lore is hinted at but never really explained. Some of the lore that IS given, doesn’t seem to be capitalised upon. Who’s Spinebreaker and why does he have a flank? What’s with the Black Hand? There’s got to be a good story as to why this bunch of misfits seem to think they’re on an actual ship, cursing me with “pirate” language taken from 18th Century Earth adventure novels.

Animals shouldn’t be as aggressive as they are. E.g. stags usually don’t charge just because you’re near. They’ll only attack if they’re startled or territorial during mating season. Most animals should stay away from someone brandishing a burning torch and wolves shouldn’t fight to the last man standing. They’re pack animals! Kill two and the rest and they’ll run away (unless they’re starving, mangy curs but even still, they’re more likely to run away then come back and eat their fallen family.)


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I just realised one of the things about the temperature system that’s been bugging me. In order to remain comfortable in the Volcano zone, I have the most protective (+2 heat resist) armour available and I still need a +5 shield. This means if I’m using anything except a 1H weapon, I’m out of luck. I appreciate that life is full of compromises, but it would be nice if there were alternatives.

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