A small bug and some things that need to be pointed out

Hi guys,

Okay first, Why isn’t conan blond? The real conan IS and will always BE Arnold Schwarzenegger!! so I want Conan to be blond, and this is mainly due to the fact that the remake was terrible. I watched it last night and it made me want to go naked like a real barbarian to hollywood with a stone sword and punch the writers and casting crew, while they look at my swinging dick.
I mean seriously, the black haired guy from the remake looks like a hollywood pretty boy and not like a real barbarian, a real blonde Deutscher like Schwarzenegger, who’s the descendent of the saxxons and franks, the first barbarian, who display raw ugly muscels combined with the German brutallity and looks less like a gigolo is the real barbarian king, so I want Schwarzenegger as conan.

Second The crafting system is great, and there’re some real nice builds on youtube like a pyramide or a castle, but like barbarian dave tells us,

being a barbarian is about pillaging. So why are people complaining that their stuff is being destroyed on online games by a wolf or something? and what’s more disturbing, why are they saying “ark is better blah bla bla, just lost 3 days coz of purge blabla.” First of, if a dino gets killed in ark, you don’t lose 3 days you can lose an entire month of playtime, so that makes absolutely no sense, second purges can be deactivated or reduced on the server, so if you don’t want one, go on a server where it’s deactivated.

third, the minor bug. I play on full nudity mode, but somehow while I was playing the game decided to change the nudity settings and let the girls get dressed. :frowning: Seriously, I voted for trump because I wanted to read the bible and watch naked females and not some covering up for all the females. Is there some way to remove this bug? #makefemalesnudeagain

And lastly to the guys of funcom, have you considered making a strategy game? because think about it, this kidnapping mechanic is a really great new invention of getting minions and it would fit perfectly in the strategy genre together with the crafting system and the tactical placement of towers and crafting stations.

Thanks y’all

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Howard imagined the Cimmerians as a pre-Celtic people with mostly black hair and blue or grey eyes.

"So formidable was his appearance, naked but for short leather breeks and sleeveless shirt, open to reveal his great, hairy chest, with his huge limbs and his blue eyes blazing under his tangled black mane … - The Hour of the Dragon, Chapter 3"

“… a tall man, mightily shouldered and deep of chest, with a massive corded neck and heavily muscled limbs. He was clad in silk and velvet, with the royal lions of Aquilonia worked in gold upon his rich jupon, and the crown of Aquilonia shone on his square-cut black mane; but the great sword at his side seemed more natural to him than the regal accoutrements. His brow was low and broad, his eyes a volcanic blue that smoldered as if with some inner fire. His dark, scarred, almost sinister face was that of a fighting-man, and his velvet garments could not conceal the hard, dangerous lines of his limbs.”


Hey, I must excuse for the bug, it was actually that you needed to change to full nudity two times, once at the server and once at the gameplay section.

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