A solution against foundation spamming and decay umbilicals in PvE

When tiles decay-connect to over 1 kilometer, this structure should be toggled into a public state, until it recedes back under 1 kilometers (or miles… depending on your preferences).

If people build a town that spans more than 1 kilometers, then it really should be a town, right? :wink:

Limiting chunks to one kilometer makes the griefer have to run to refresh his land claims. That might seem like a laughable chore to do at first, but keep this up for 3 months with vacations and other games releasing on the horizon and one might start to re-assess one’s priorities.

It’s not as good as having a GM, but Funcom’s problem solving approach is clearly a “systems” approach.

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what is 1KM in number of foundations?

200? 1000?

I really don’t have any idea, have never figured out the size of a foundation.

Roughly 400 foundations. Eg.
4 times this:

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hmm that’s pretty big, my sprawling PVE base is around 200.

I hadn’t considered the fact you could chain connect across the map and it only count as one base.

A second solution to this was brought up in the Purge thread where the purge scale based off base size, A base this size should have more than one bone dragon ripping it apart,

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Yeah, i’m being generous here with my suggestion in terms of dimensions cuz I know there are people out there who like building cities. But anything larger then 4 times the above is excessive…

And this foundation chaining is a real problem across many PvE servers.

The solution on purges being proportional to base sizes is a great one. It makes perfect sense. On the other hand, there is a real danger that people who are particularly well prepared for big purges, will only be encouraged to claim half the map just to spawn legendary sized purges so they can farm an unholy amount of thick hide, or capture an incredible amount of thralls in one sitting.

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I can see a sprawling base lines just to deny resources etc as an issue, but if you designed a purge kill base and have gotten so strong you overpower the rest of the server, I personally can’t argue the server is yours.

I can understand from a game designer point of view why this is bad.

Not sure I want the alpha fixed, after all you had to struggle your way there…

Interesting thoughts…

Isn’t that’s a PVP mindset though?

I see absolutely no reason to talk about “alphas” and “server owners” on PVE. Part of the PVE experience is that there’s significantly less “struggle” - namely that against other players - and maybe it’s just me, but I entirely fail to see the point of “owning” a PVE server by having continent-spanning bases.

The only answer (currently) to this kind of extreme size bases and resource hogging is “border walls”, which is fighting fire with fire to the detriment of everybody (necessary though it can be).

Interesting thoughts indeed. Have an explore on this perspective:
Funcom dislikes it when players lose control, up to a point where any players can bracer-kill themselves to avoid capture.

But in a PvE setting, when someone uses a system to wrest away freedom from you, i.e. blocking obilisks, or depriving the server of resources, this takes control away from players. “But they will decay eventually”… Well not if your in a tribe of 3 players and everything is interconnected. One needs only log in once and not even move, for 4 seconds, and bham. Global refresh. Log off.

The refresh get’s conducted through the entire map…

As they mentioned on the stream on Friday, griefers manage to render a server so unplayable that it “belongs to them”… but then they end up just refreshing their lonely server for eternity, and then the existential crisis sets in. What difference is it then from a password locked server, without access to the admin panel?

Sure it’s free. But it’s no different from singleplayer without access to the panel. Some people like this, but other people add value and legitimacy to all that one does. What good is an un-witnessed legacy? 'Tis but creating an ice-sculpture in a desert.

Well then the problem fixed itself didn’t it?

Well ,the real issue is for the people who have already built a sustainable empire on the server, who purposefully left sprawling and popular areas free for others. People who actually want to be part of a healthy community.

When griefers come to claim all the space that was previously kept public and available, this is a special sort of kick in the groin for players who have social integrity and harmonize extremely well.

This undermines the very essence of PvE.

Imagine you build a protective anti-grief barrier around the silver mines near Shepemuru, the only major natural source of Silver there is… then some Arschgewaecks comes and places down a few foundations over the silver nodes themselves BETWEEN your danm barriers… That’s how it feels like.

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