A solution to counter body vaults. (PVP)

Dimness aside, you can stop trying to derail the thread anytime now…

But no, I’m offering an account, not prescribing or defending.

BTW: Not worried that this bit of silliness will at all be taken seriously by FC! LOL

Wait so someone who lets theiir body dissapear os still active on a server? Not possible. In order for a body to dissapear, the player has to not log in for 7 days. If we are talking alt accounts body vaults, then that is the issue most have with body vaulting. It is being used as a safe storage for active players. Meaning the loot lost from raids is now technically not recoverable if the alt account can dissapear before being found.

Yep. In order to dissapear after 7 days, you cant log in. Wh8ch keans until you return, you wouldnt realize you had lost everything. And i already said pvp switch only. So pve can store their base in a pocket.

And i understand why pvpers do it, but woth alts, it pushes us farther to rewarding toxicity. Toxic players are toxic because thier is very little punishment for beingbtoxic on CE. BV only protectsvthem more.


Hmmmm how feasible would it be to have a switch in the settings…and would that affect server transfers. Someone more versed in the code aspect would have to look at that because my trouble spidey sense is telling me that turning this into a settings feature would create a nightmare in server transfers.

True. But maybe iit would work for pvp, as that would make it 0 inventory transfers on pvp, which many have wanted since day 1 of the transfers.

If we are talking alts… I can assure you if alts weren’t a thing there would hardly be any players left after all these permanent bans. I know I would have uninstalled months ago

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But let’s be perfectly honest:

…you don’t happen to like or agree with their playstyle.

IMO Alt Accounts which can interact with main accounts is a different topic than BV. If people wanna eliminate AA’s that’s a different thing IMO. BV’s are of course here to stay. I have no idea about AA’s - never thought about it. At first blush it seems fine tho - if someone wants to purchase the game twice or multiple times, so that they can store virtual stuff I don’t have a problem with it. How many people would be willing to do that anyway, 1%?


TBH, BV is far easier to regulate than AA at the FC level FYI.



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2 seperate issues, but i agree some issues force the BV strategy The perma ban on judgemental ToS is a sore spot right now

Me persoanlly, if they fix the ToS, rem9ve the gap in pvp levels it would remove the need to exploit the BV.


Yes without a doubt… bvs are my little sense of accomplishment I’ve definitely racked up a few over the years. Many things in this game need to be tweaked and fixed but personally I don’t think this one is on the top of the list

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Yeah, but how many of that number are from official servers?

I only mention that because this whole thread is about trying to convince Funcom to make a change to the game. But Funcom can only effect the official servers.

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Get rid of body vaults but allow dupers to roam servers and wipe everyone progress lol This is the same as reporting stack bases yet we cant defend dupers…remove body vaults and game over for all.

Touche and point taken.

Because duoers wont body vault the duped items? See hiding your stash to avoid dupers is not going to change the fact they have duoed items stashed as well.

Thus the duping exists bv or no bv.

Yah they can hide about 240 on a body but better than dealing with it when you have a base. Then it is just unlimited amount.

I don’t believe body vaults should be touched on until the tos is addressed further. I keep my goodies on a body so I don’t run the risk of loosing everything when I inevitably get banned again. Also what happens when/if they cut back more servers in The future… I body vaulted on a home server months ago so I could fairly move my items to the merging server… then watched weeks go by and a clan raided my base( somewhat off topic). The bomb dupe is a completely separate issue than body vaults(that have always been in the game). I think people have touched on the idea of completely wiping all pre made bombs and the sounds pretty reasonable. But to go and punish people who have played and grinded/ won items to then put away for future use seems a bit unnecessary especially when not everyone in this game plays it to be toxic.

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Aga8n, people have 10+ bv’s, esp dupers. So if they fix the dupe, thats still 2000+bombs when you do feel safe and start building. Either way, the duping is the issue, so in l9ng term BVs need to be addressed.

Even if they have that many body vaults it is easier to deal with a body then it is to deal with a moving shack of bombs. Once the issue has been fix then they wont be able to recover all bombs loss in a raid. Remember it only takes one bomb that needs to survive to continue the war.

Not follow8ng. If 9ne is us8ng bv to hide away fr9m dupers, then howndonthey search for bodies?

If i have 10 body vaukts i will only open up 1 at a time and get what i need. So you stashing away stuff is only pushing out the duped war because they can use bv as effeciently as you. Its not like dupers are like oh welp, no one to raid, i decay my duped mats.

We have character uploads. If you want to save your content, upload your character.

Logged out players in the world must die after 7 days.

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