A Special "Token" For Players In PvP ?!?


Hello guys and Funcom,

it would be really nice if there is a “token” or an special item that only players could drop.
Here is a example, we have added quests on our server, so that we could be a “mix” between “Conan Unchained” and “Conan Exiles” or to just mold it more in a mmo style game.

The key is to bring players together!
We have observed that most of the players play “there game” alone on a online server and that sucks!!!

Either they play pvp or pve or in the best case that is possible both! That’s the reason we created quests and edited the dungeons for another way of leveling or playing, you could just play as normal vanilla style or with teammates.
But for our PvP-Content we created a battlefield where players could play 5 vs 5 or what ever they want, but to build a restriction for the quests, we need an item that only drop a dead player char, so we could bind these item into the PvP-quests!
Just a token or somthing like that… please please please please <3

That would be very cool …

greets Ragnar


Why not steal the ears from diablo 2? Hrhr.
When someone killed another player there, an ear was dropped.


Good idea and funcom could use these for the vanilla game too, they could make necklaces from ears! :wink:


I do not want this game to become MMO PvP.
It is fine if a token is used for modded servers, but I want Conan: Exiles to remain to be the game I purchased: a full sandbox survival.


It s fine for you and that part, we try to mix it, and a Token or “players only” drop like an ear means not that it is equal to a classic mmo or mmo pvp. Its a “tool” and the world seems to empty for that beauty, so we decided to put a bit more living world in it. Quest, more dangerous Dungeons and so on or the battleground which you can compare with a colluseum.

Greets Ragnar


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