A Tale about a Meteor


Is that the music from Glory and Exiles?


Music used: 1, 2, 3, 4


Very nicely done! :clap:
Must have been a lot of work.

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Yup that`s cool.lol


It took about six hours.

The hardest scene was getting the spider coming down. I tried to crouch under it and get a shot of its normal jump attack, but it was refusing to do the attack. I am not sure what triggers it. I spent maybe fifteen minutes trying different things and just waiting, but it only did the attack once, and the shot looked awful. I eventually had to build a tower out of pillars and spawn a spider on top, then pick up the bottom pillar and quickly remove the HUD in time to catch the shot before it landed. Took many attempts before I got one that looked decent.


BRILLIANT! Absolutely loved it. Please do more!!!


This is the second one I’ve done. I didn’t post the first one here because I don’t think the ending would make sense to an international audience, but you can find it on my YouTube channel.

I will likely make more of them, but not on any sort of a regular schedule. Just when I feel in the mood to spend six hours on a project that few people will see. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Michael Jackson With Popcorn GIFs | Tenor


Most of the times I fight this spider alone it did it once only. When I go with thralls and I hit her from behind she does it more than once, yet again if I am 60 then she doesn’t have a chance to do it at all, she falls really fast especially in Siptah.
So it is random I guess that can be triggered more on multi attackers, other than that this is the use of this particular attack of the spider, to gather all her enemies and crash them.
Beautiful work @Tephra, I will jump to your channel for more, keep it going please, thank you for your time and effort, really beautiful work :+1:t6:.

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Cute… Thanks man! Machinima in CE… hehe, cool!

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I loved it. Well-written characters, good pacing, nicely used red herring with the falling rock, and the Darfari commentators in the end.

Although, I must admit, I was expecting a flying rhino…


I expected a Pippi meteor :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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My sons exams are over so he “possess” more the console now, so I had time to watch your videos.
Beautiful all of them, thank you.
Allow me some commentary.

Yes, you can kill Arena champion with every single weapon you feel confident. However using light armor for me it’s always best no mater what, you need to be swift and use less stamina on dodge. Light armor has a voice in this game, it always had.

I love these blades and I believe they are a bit unbalanced yet, they are powerful but I think something is missing, don’t you think too?

Dalinsia could crush Lagadara even from 0 level if I am not mistaken, did you try it?

I love your elevators but I disagree with their use on official servers. This action is just removing a lot in this game. Corruption gives reasons to players to search for more content of this game and since heart of heroes is not a good option right now because of the decay timer, fixing cleansing brew is a good option always. A lot gamers playing years this damn game refuse to use this option and it’s pity, especially now that the cleansing brew has no decay at all.

It’s not your first time you build a useful stair, I remember one in the volcano too. If you like I can upload a photo with a technique that makes them look glorious.

Fighting the tiger is a lot harder than the arena champion if you ask me, congratulations on this one. I still find issues on a “fair fight” against the rhino on Murielas hope, the reptile monstrosity in jungle and the rockslide. I glitch under their heads or I got magnetized under the rockslide feet and he crashes me. Maybe it’s only on ps4 however, I don’t know.

Thank you for fixing these videos and having patience to read :+1:t6:,
Keep it going please.

Well done.

I don’t use mods.

I actually originally intended to make these on an official server too, so no admin panel or console. That was kind of a dumb idea, it would have taken so much longer to get anything done (not to mention needing to make sure I tear everything back down afterwards).

I will continue not using any mods though.