A Thrall Question I've not Seen Addressed

There are many threads debating the good/bad aspects of the thrall nerf. I am not interested in that in this thread. My questions are very straightforward. There is no need to speculate. I am only interested in answers.

All other questions rely on the answer to this one.

  1. Do the thralls remain level 20 and get a simple HP reduction based on their faction and then get the HP increase from the leveling or something else, or do they have to start over from Level 0?

Example - Darfari I fighter base was 1000 HP. Currently, at level 20, it is 2200 HP.
The new base is 400 HP, so this thrall is reduced to 1600 HP (400 + 1200 level qty)

That’s a big question. If the answer is yes, then

  1. Thrall perks. What happens here? Some perks (Deadeye) are accuracy perks. The new system does not attribute Accuracy to thralls. Do they swap to new perks? Are the old perks that do apply carried over?

If the answer is no, and all thralls start over, then…

I’m pretty sure I don’t want to spend all my time re-leveling every single thrall, unless that process is expedited a great deal. It only took 2 1/2 years to get the ones I have now done. According to Playstation, I have 4026 hours into this game. I don’t want to add more just leveling up thralls.


The only thing I think I understand is that thrall perks ain’t gonna change for now (or ever I don’t know) !
Tbh, you are familiar what happened with the follower system 1 years ago to our old thralls and I had the “fear” that we are going to see the same thing! Yet from what I read so far is that they will be weaker, so this change again we seen it happened, nothing new to fear at least for me!
Yet I would love to see people answer to these questions, I am interested too!

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your thralls levels remain as they are. they still have the same level, only the calculation of the final values is now based on new formulas (i.e. as you wrote it in your example).
the perks also remain, but the stats that are no longer used are replaced by values from the new system. presumably accuracy then becomes agility. so this changes more than just the stat calculation. if the existing perk becomes a bad choice due to the changed stat, then we are still left with the potion, which we can use to re-roll the perks.


Very helpful, but I would ask for a clarification. The potion that “re-rolls the perks” just changes the perks, not a reset that has to be leveled again? That’s how I read the notes, but I wanted to be clear.

I was intrigued by being able to reset perks, but honestly, Deadeye, Archer, and Warden were the ones I’d get rid of.

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