A view of the game from a 3k + hour player (edited and modified)

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Hello fellow Exiles!

First off I want to state this wholeheartedly, I LOVE THIS GAME ! The reason I made this statement this early is that some may not like some of my views of the game.

I have been with this game from the beta and it has come a long way and I love where is seems to be heading. I love the feel and atmosphere that it provides and it seems to be getting better and better this way as the game progresses.

What I enjoy (like, pros) about this game is the crafting from all the choices to how things you craft look awesome and the dlcs further this greatly, though I would like to see more for the basic package for players just coming in.

Lets dig in:



Foundations are power in that they instantly provide once placed landclaim over the surrounding area. The issue is foundations are cheap (sandstone) to make and if connected together last a very long time which is in of itself not a bad thing if you are building a structure. Players are not using that way though they are using them to control whole areas with only expensive remedies (bombs, trebs, orbs, weapons with repairs) to remove the landclaim or the purge (eventually) can remove some of it if not stopped. Foundation spam can also cause lag on the servers. Here are some of my suggestions for this :

  • Have another means of landclaim that is not as easily spammable and/or expensive to destroy.

  • Make a maintenance cost applied based on the about of landclaiming objects a structure(s) has that if not payed will cause decaying of the objects.

  • Lowering the cost of removal could work, however as foundations also control stability of structures this undermine legitimate use of them by players and cause a negative effect on building durability during raiding.


I forgot to mention the temperature system so far. Fun, but the buildings don’t really feel like they do their part in this. Black Ice Reinforced was strictly supposed to be useful in the cold areas of the game and in the original idea lethal to live in in the hot areas. I am not sure where all the dlc skins would fit into this. I am aware that Black Ice was mention in the lately dev stream, but only the cost was addressed not the utility.


I will probably be hung up by my toenails for this one, but I believe that darkness is not long enough or detailed enough so far in this game.
Darkness plays no purpose in the combat from a pve standpoint in that the creatures and npcs ignore darkness completely. There are also few utilities regarding darkness when moving during it. Belt lanterns come to mind or shuttered lanterns.

Sentry thralls maybe could hear better and sound the alarm during nighttime. Right now cover of darkness doesn’t exist if the player has thralls since they start shooting from range no matter the time of day.

I believe that darkness should also come with added dangers from nocturnal creatures attacks and the undead.


The jungle has very little materials wise to distinguish it from the other areas of the game. There is no material that comes only from the jungle (building and crafting of weapons, etc). Everything that can be obtained for the most part from the jungle can be obtained anywhere else (sometimes much, much easier and in much greater amounts). Jungle has nothing material wise to set it apart from the rest of the map.


Avatars in my opinion transend map, item, weapon, etc so they get their own heading.

Now for a negative as some may see it. They could be seen as pvp issues. We need Avatars back in the game ( Hear me out, please). The Avatars provided a way to remove foundation spam and do real damage to mega bases built by mega clans or clan alliances. Without this tool small clans are at a major disadvantage. They are also iconic of the Conan Exiles game (they are are on the ads and t-shirts even). Though if they came back they would need some tweaking obviously and I trust that they would get it and hear are a few suggestions on that view.

  • Avatars should not (like in beta and beyond) NOT be summoned inside of buildings ! One of the chief ways to despawn or prevent the summoning of a Avatar in the field is to kill the summoner . Building a safe room for the summoner removes the need for defensive players to protect the summoner and removes the risk for the summoner of powerful force .

  • Summoning an Avatar should anger the other Avatars gods in the game a time for that player/clan/ ally clans/ ally players. Example: Summoning Set angers Mitra, Yog, etc. And they will not be summonable for awhile for you or you may need to do something to appease them (tributes or other tasks/pay more debuffs, etc)



-Priests- Priests need to be able to be used as attacking thralls as well as crafting thralls as they could be added to god bubbles and be buffed by them and maintain them for buffs on your thralls and players requiring them to be killed to remove the buff or destroying the alter.

-Witchdoctors- We could have Witchdoctors buff undead when they are near since we can not add armor or weapons to them.

  • Feeding and water for thralls- in short we need the feeding of thralls back and adding water also for realistic army supplying.

  • Archers - Unlimited arrows on archers seems unrealistic and removes strategic use of cover to make the enemy was arrows, however there are no quivers in the game so it would be nice to have an arrow ammo dump similar to a feed box but for ammo near so more storage for arrows would be possible for many archers defending the base.

Sentry thralls - maybe could hear better and sound the alarm during nighttime.


  • Pets need masks (some of them) and there needs to be some pet that are immune to poison gas (the Rocknose comes quickly to mind).

  • Spiders need some of their poison back but maybe not as potent as other poisons. We need Falcons as pets for another interesting ranged attacker.

-Pet protection

Some pets need armor ( wolves, rhinos, etc.).


These need a heading of their own for context.

  • Fire/ explosions - We need to be able to attach armored plates to the outside of our walls to protect more against trebs and bomb damage.

  • Trophies need to break under player weight if someone trys to climb on them as to make them useable more as decoration that doesn’t undermine defense of the base.



  • Legendary items in my humble opinion should never ever be able to be repaired unless it is a epic battle thing to obtain or you have to gather difficult to obtain materials to repair them scattered all over the place.

Legendary items should have more a mysterious aura around them. If you can repair them easily they become just another item which is a shame.


-Shields - Large shields need be able to be used to push an enemy back and more direct shield slamming attacks. The boss of the shield needs to be able to have the poisoning attached for body contact with the shield (not weapon hits on the shield).


All armor types need to protect some against poisoning and bleeds. The thicker the armor the more protection against applications (think glancing blows on thick armor). We need saddle bags for horses so we can transport foods that horses would otherwise eat in their personal inventories thus messing up the leveling of particular stats with particular foods.

These are some of the ideas and thoughts I wanted to provide as feedback after my time playing the awesome game. Thank you if read the whole thing guys and I am very interested in opinions and thoughts on these ideas.


  • Feed containers - Horses need separate inv for personal feed and carrying so that they do not eat the wrong food and self edit stat leveling by eating unintended food items.



Will possibly add more when I get more time.

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