Aardwolf isnt a hyena?

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Never got into the pet thing, but with the recent updates i like them alot… now i got the goatwolfdemon skin from the bp and it doesnt seem to work with the aardwolf? Isnt it a hyena? It looks just like hyenas… im on isle of siptah

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You can get hyena from surge. Try north east with 200 chaos


No, it’s not… however, it does count for the challenge to kill hyenas. The ardwolf is similar to the jungle claw. The jungle claw is technically a tiger, but it doesn’t count when crafting related items (e.g., you can’t mount a jungle claw head using the tiger head recipe).


Hyenas come in two types, striped and spotted. The aardwolf is not a hyena for the purposes of the game. In real life they are part of the same animal family which I was curiously looking up the other day. Turns out they aren’t even canines…

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Aren’t there hyenas in the south island that you can grab a pup from?

Hyenas are felines.


They are cat-like (feliform, if I’m correct?) mammals, but they are in the same suborder as felines. But you are right in the way that they are more cats than dogs/wolfs!

Only “hyenas” that are canines are the African wild dogs, often called hyenadogs (in Hungarian, at least). They were missclassified back then when they were firstly officially described.


I keep saying that I have not the knowledge in Siptah as exile lands and the reason is this :point_up_2:.
Surges hide so many secrets, so many! Give me your lights fellow exile, I beg you. I want to build on official servers a house close to a shrine. I am thinking of building close to the north east shrine because it’s not overrunned. Do you have a better suggestion? What’s your experience with shrines so far, who do you think people build less? Thank you in advance!
To the op now, aardwolves are not hyenas, like dogs are not wolves! I had the same disappointment with Siptah taskbeast long ago, I was so happy I was going to have finally my first Rhino mount, but no :rofl::rofl::rofl:. @erjoh I don’t remember anything for hyenas in Siptah, thank you for bringing it up, I’ll go and check later.

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I have a small hut north west, just a wheel and a teleporter. I do my solo surges there. Around the shrine is water to swim when things go bad. On my server the south shrine is mostly used


Well that kinda sucks, its a cool skin thats gonna cost me alot of extra work for a low hp/damage pet… i just wanted to make a bunch of them to help kinda fluff my defensive line with a nice looking skins… id imagine theyre close to the aarwolf in starting hp… <300 i appreciate all the feed back though :slight_smile: maybe ill go get one and level him up to be my personal pet

Maybe ill give el a try since i cant use the skins i want on siptah easy enough, id just hate to give up the gloves jhil and my demon helm

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Every pup ive cone across on siptah is “aardwolf”

A really good and annoying defensive line is the spiders you know! Spiders are the best pets for defence, they have both range and melee attack. They react better than fighters and they trigger the (lazy) archers too. Don’t place a lot, just a couple, don’t even bother to train them as well, they are expendable! In exile lands you get a lot if you skin the queen scorpion, I don’t know how you get them in Siptah however.
Too many knowledge gaps my friend, too many!


On siptah you buy them for gold coins or as a drop from all center surges ( it seems for me)



On that island far north of the tower. You can buy a few animals there

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