Whats with the hyenas?

Seriously, why do hyenas cripple you, first bit, every time? Is this supposed to happen? Is it a bug? What’s going on?

Little ankle biters…

The exiled lands are now very harsh…


Is it just me or does there seem to be more mobs in the dungeons and New Asagarth?
Was in the spider cave and wow I must have been surrounded by 20 spiders, dont remember being that many. but I could be wrong. Anyhow it makes for fast harvesting.
Ah ok just read that the enemies swarm you now…

C’mon, they’re hyenas, did you think they are above ankle biting?

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This is how they used to be in early access. I guess they’ve put that behaviour back in the game (I approve – hyenas should be annoying).


The way they mob you is fair I think, that’s what they do. Being crippled every time when an a big croc doesn’t seems just a tad silly. Can I do up stats to resist it? Or as my amour gets better?

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Sure-footed, second perk in Encumbrance, makes crippling effects less severe. Back before perks, a pack of hyenas was a death sentence for even a Level 50.


And people wonder why I still have a hatred for Hyenas. :stuck_out_tongue:


as far as i remember they have always crippled you, they are not as strong as they used to be though, it was fun when the enviroment meant to be a challenge.


I remember when i started solo the game i was fixing small square posts that i could climb on them :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Back then greater hyena was my greatest fear. Ofcurse if you have a follower or a good weapon you don’t have issues because their hp is low. The tactic to use against them is kill them before they kill you.


Does that particular perk that reduces status effects such as bleed and poison also work with cripple?

to reduce those effects you will need surviveability. the more you spend the less they last.

I did this too. I littered the desert area with one-foundation sized outhouses with three walls and a wooden door, so I could use them as sandstorm shelters, or climb them to be safe from murderous wildlife and shoot them with arrows. I even put small wooden boxes with ammunition, waterskins and other useful supplies in them.


I googled it because I forgot the name: antidote of one.
And I also forgot that points in survival in general reduce the time. Thanks.

Omg this days, i was walking slowly and looking around :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Now we run naked all around the map to take the obelisks before we decide where to build. I really miss the thrill of theese days. This is exactly the reason i asked for barbarick dificulty official server, but not a single person respond to this call. I believe that the old and experienced players need a server that will remind us the good old days. But i guess more haircuts are more important :rofl:, nice to talk to you my friend :+1:.


For the record i love the changes they have made to enemy aggression in this patch.

They need to tweak the ai though.
Just had a purge blacksmith get bled to death by his own pets.

I don’t think they made the changes to the “hate list” that they thought they did during the last phase of testlive.
Or if they did, they didn’t stick.

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I play with a low survival/encumbrance build so hyenas are still a pita. My first exile was more balanced but I disliked temp effects and other stuff being muted so I vowed that when I got around to a second playthrough, that certain atr wouldn’t pass level one. Temperature, catlike, B +C are all perks I deliberately don’t get, even at the expense of perks past them on the skill tree.

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According to some other user: There was kinda a limit on how many people could “follow you”, when attacking you. When they were to far away, they didnt follow you anymore.

And that number was 3… And now there is no maximum. Therefore you get attacked/followed by a lot more creatures/NPCs, when running around.

The best thing is, when the maximum distance activate and the NPCs is just running back to his spawn point, ignoring everything else (I would say, thats a bug).

Edit: I cannot post because of that…

I just get annoyed when they chase you down for 40 miles lmao

Yes. All perks are active if they are passed. so 1st, 2nd, and 3rd perk become active if you get to the 4th perk.