Whats with the hyenas?

Yeah the Hyenas are super funny and dangerous! :rofl: Hyena says…Looks like Rohi has come to dinner boys…get her…and tell all your family members too. :rofl:

Speaking off chasing for 40 miles! A super dangerous Corrupted White Wolf was chasing me on my horse all over the highlands. :rofl: :rofl: Thing wanted Rohi and Horse BAD! I was just out collecting berries! :grimacing:

exactly guys, some little outposts fullfilled with food, wood and fire.
I even built wells in desert far from rivers to provide water to the traveller.

Well, yes. The indoors was against sandstorms. The roof was against wildlife. Cornering yourself in the outhouse against hostile animals was a bad idea even if they could only attack through the door.


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