Ability to execute unconscious mobs

as the title says.

when you’re out with your thrall to get new thralls its impossible to swap their weapon in combat so i just use a truncheon whenever im doing this but this makes all other mobs just unconscious when im looking for single mobs.

would be nice to have an execute so i dont have to use the clunky melee animations to slowly kill a mob.

or at least make thralls have commands to have them use different weapons.


Way to exploitable. Easier to knock out some thralls with love tap/szeths truncheon than to kill if you don;t want the thrall. So basically run thru knock out every thing, drag, and execute multiple in the pile.

Tip, you can do the same, then pile up and gas/explosive arrow the pile to make it quicker.


I use the predatory blade knock out or kill unless you hit the wrong button. Oops. Master weapons kit on a God’s weapon works pretty well and a twofer. Never thought to stack them up good Idea time for bonfire


Welcome to the comunity. @WhatMightHaveBeen another really good tip, bravo again :+1:. Still i believe it would be very handy to have the ability to choose if we want this npc unconscious or dead. I support your suggestion because it will save us a lot of time and materials :wink:. Nice suggestion :+1:

Ahhhh, and here i have dismantled all of my oil orbs i get from drops to get the water orb for poison orbs :slight_smile:

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Better to train the thrall to switch truncheon.

I am really sure you will go to fix some oil orb now. All you have to choose now is the dance mote over the pile :joy::joy::joy:.


Actually It IS possible to switch thrall weapons in combat I do it all the time.

let the thrall get agro, click on the thrall, put weapon in thralls inven, take trunchion out of thralls hand.

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Yep! I do this all the time, too.
I actually just swap it directly into/from the thralls hand…

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Because players insist on leaving knocked out thralls all over the place. Because they too lazy to kill them, they just leave them and they agro every player that comes later.

We now carry a spear, just to kill them when we find them, and we find a lot.


How genious! :open_mouth: Something new to try out!

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Hey hey hey! dont say nothin, thats how i get my thralls for free!

Nice tip! I will test it the next run :slight_smile:

(And @EXP88: Have you ever tried to contribute something useful into a discussion instead of your perpetual nagging? Maybe you like the feeling to be useful) .


Yes it works well and cheap to repair Axe type strikes down.

Yeah that gets old. @mikelei

okay the piling them up and using poison works like a charm. ty for that. … now just need an easier way to pile them up

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