Ability to Hide Groups of Building Items in Crafting Inventory

Here’s my problem. In my building inventory I have six groups of building items: sandstone, stonebrick, reinforced stone, insulated wood, Aquilonian, and Khitan. If I want to build with a certain group (say, reinforced stone) I have to scroll through all the other groups I don’t plan on using. I’d buy the savage DLC, but that would just add to the clutter.

To make matters worse, if I want to just craft an item (say, large chest) I have to also scroll through all the building items just to find it, and this can become frustrating.

I therefore recommend some sort of checkbox that could be checked/unchecked so that you could hide/unhide any or all groups of building items.


I’ve mention this a few times myself. (with another panel in list next to Map, Journal, Status, Inventory) so we could turn off tiers, or items in general to do clutter it, and make for faster building.

Havnt seen staff reply/comment to it. =/

Can’t you just type the first letters in the search field like, AQU to only see the aquilonian stuff.

Not on Consoles, (I’m on Ps4, we get no search function, since theres no keyboard support)(dont get ~ commands ether)

I can use keyboard admin panel and search, but not in inventory.

Also, it would make menu work abit better overall. Little chance i’m gonna make sand stone or reinforced at lv50, little reason scroll past them,
Or even black ice and Aqulilnain if i need bedroll, or explosive jar.

To me, it would clean up menu for exploring and just not have scroll over all.

An easy move would be to do like AoC does with it’s construction platform and craft building pieces in the artisans bench.

On consoles thou, we can build from hotkey menu, (when empty, keep clicking greyed out item) That can messes up building on the go when you need it.
Hiding types alone would be handy as hell.

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