About 3.0 and Bat "form"

How can you solve this problem if you only login during raid hours and someone has already flown ontop of your base when you’re not online and is just waiting for raid time to start lol

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Den my guy i think you are the only one dev that even play a bit the game in ur company. I understand this can be just a job, you go home, you did ur work and then u just chilling. Like me, i work and i go home and i turn off my telephone and i dont want to know anything about the work thats okey if u guys do it, because looks like or its the feeling i get, if its no more than a job for u, but i repespect it for real but if its not. Then,

My aprroach is, in the same way that you create quality visual content, you can create it without glitches and make a good business. I dont care if u make 40 billion skins/dlc/battlepass and u make insane ammount of money for the company thats geat i aam happy for it, but why you don’t fix the content that you already have (becase its nice and a lot)? i think u can do it easy u are the only guy, u can be a hero for the conan lovers, because u can create one of the most populated game in the world and not this “small community fan” of this game.

And now i will expose why this new “bat” will break the game more than it is. Becaise its not about we create things its about too how will influence in general in the game, and u call tell me, but how u know if u didnt see it already, i can tell u. I know already trust me, this will be F***.

First its working with stamina and i have 2 ways to get stamina glitch (infinite)at 22/06/2022.

Second: this will not fix fly bases, because they are undermesh already and as i can see in the stream live nobody talked about glitches or gamefails fixed so i guess game will be the same. Undermesh fly bases u can fix one spot but there are like 10 of them i already know to make it in old map and more than 20 in new map. Because the person that take time to find spot in my own server its me not the workers of the company i cant imagine a dev in a server with “slomo 10” and ghost" with a pilar during hours try to find a pixel to make a undermesh base.

Third: i can at 22/06/2022 fly for the map with superspeed without any third program, the game let me fly. I never teached how to glitch in any way for sure.

And for sure i will not talk about thirds program in Conan…

So Den, what we can do?. i would like to help reporting but i did already many times and i get ignored probably for others admins and u will never get those report, even in “glitches/exploits section of this forum” all my post are removed instantly.

And for real i am just telling u it for motivate urself i want to belive u can do a nice work with time for sure, all will not be fixed probably tomorrow, but try to contact the with ppl like me or my chinisse clan. Because we can show u the hide and other real face of this game. We just want a nice game to play.

I really liked how u were in the strean live I saw you excited with the new content you created.

good luck :smiley:

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Hello, im very curious about bat flying. Will flying a bat requires corruption? Ai from archer thralls will aim upwards? til a limit angle? They will can hit the bats? They will aim on the player or on the bat? If the bat or the player was hit the player falls?

I appreciate the resppnse. But 1 day of very unbalanced mechanic can wipe a base…esp offline ability. When if ever will offline meta be afdressed? I say this because every defensive tactic to counter offlining has been “nerfed” or deemed exploit, making offlin8ng the most effecient method. I feel if offlining was “fixed”, many nerfs the pvp crowd asks for would gp away. Because then we can actually engage in siege warfare, and not try to engineer prtotection every new patch/update.


Given that drawbridge hp is being reduced I suspect that we will see hanging bases continue their rise in the meta as well as development of the “doorless” bunker bases where you use bracleting and scouting thrall return mechanics to enter a doorless bunkered base. With the addition of teleportation an updated version of the latter strategy seems the most likely viable option for PvP to me.

It makes me curious as to where the devs will fall on making the teleportation pads private to the owning clan vs. public. I know you spoke briefly to that in the livestream, but I don’t recall a clear decision on that - I could have just missed it. FWIW it seems to me that making them public is a nerf to the small “keyhole” type bunker bases (like in the dam for example) where building appropriate trap/defense rooms around your teleport pad will cost you precious space.

There is also the complications of needing satellite structures to house and defend teleport pads to keep people from easily invading your base. I know this thread is about the bat spell, and perhaps a thread seeking clarification on teleportation mechanics would be more appropriate, so I’ll leave it at that.


archers everywhere ?

That dont shoot lol.

I’m looking forward to trying to break it in as many ways possible on the test server :smiley:

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Login a few minutes early and apply axe directly to the forehead.

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You’ll need to setup a rooftop defense I guess, fighter thralls ready to go at the very top and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have some fighters ready to go on the floors beneath either, another option I guess would be to setup sloped roofing so bombs can’t be placed easily.

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If NPCs can use bats to get into a base, like when a Purge happens, that would be awesome for tower defense gameplay. It would really make you think more strategically for defending your base.


Great visuals…heck even purge type demon bats for bases that can be gotten to from the ground would be super cool.


I do remember Joel promising that there would never be flying mounts. He said this for a reason and has a better idea of the heart of this game than anyone else. Disappointed that this is a thing now.


You know what, I remember this. In the chat we were also talking about adding herbs to the game, way before all the neat stuff we have now. I in particular asked about hemp and Jens-Erik said definitively NO. Then someone asked about Gliders and Joel sort of high-eyebrowed into the camera.

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