So is there gonna be flyin mounts in the new update

Update (01.04.2022) - Dungam joins the fray, and much, much, oh so much more

I don’t see that happening since PVP would take its final breath. All bases would be just too easy to breach if you can fly over column/apex anticlimb. Trebs would be a waste of energy completely. However there would be so much demand for archers but if the mount has the same HP as horses, then it’s moot. The only way I see it working is if flying is treated like climbing…think about getting hit with an arrow and your survivability at that point.

Edited because I realized I tend to get nutty with certain phrases in a single post. trying to mix it up.

I think it is.

Look in news and announcements and see what u think.

  • Big bats have been added as flying mounts so you can terrorize your neighbors at night. To balance this, you now walk very, veeeeery slowly.
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That would be hilarious terrorizing people with big ass bats xD

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Wait…are you talking about the April 1st post?..also known as April Fool’s Day?


Ya I saw that but I dont know could be and maybe not its in with valid updates by a dev guess just have to wait and see.

There is a mod with a flying bat and dragon so it`s possible.

Possible on a technical level, yes, but Funcom has stated that they will not implement flying mounts.

They could change their minds, but the fact they were mocking them in the April 1st post seems to indicate they haven’t.


Not in there latest news and announcements. it says * Big bats have been added as flying mounts so you can terrorize your neighbors at night. To balance this, you now walk very, veeeeery slowly.

Well I hope they do but you all could be right.

Yeah I know…they didn’t have to be so mean about it!

Joel also has said we’d never get weapons on our backs but yet we have it as an excuse to remove animation cancelling

Even when you say something that isn’t inherently a complaint you still manage to work in some whining. Do you ever have anything positive to say?

Okay, that sounds interesting. I’d like to hear/read more about that. Can you provide a source?

So heres what I think. Everyone is assuming that because the devs posted this 2.9 update on April 1st then its just a April fools joke. I just dont believe that because theres no follow up by the devs that it is. Just seems to me to be, it is what it is.So until I hear a recent dev say no flying mounts then I`m gonna believe what they posted in the 2.9 update.

It 100% was an April Fools joke.


Uh. I’m not sure how to say this without hurting anyone’s feelings, but do you really need the devs to confirm that a post from April 1st containing the patch notes for a non-existent patch was an April Fools joke?

Let me reiterate: there was no update patch to download. These are patch notes for a patch that doesn’t exist.

Not to mention that those patch notes contain things like these:

I have a nagging suspicion you’re trolling us, @bigjohn :smiley:


The update has not come out yet so we just have to wait and see. lol