About Soup and Breaking Glass

Soup is an important resource used in several recipies, but for every single soup we have to melt crystals, make a glass orb, fill it and destroy it. Not very efficient. I can circumvent this by using Emberlight Mod but this should not be necessary in vanilla. Nobody destroys an orb for one plate of soup.


I’ve read this post 4 times, and I still don’t understand what it is you’re trying to say here. Making glass is not required for soup. Soup is feral flesh, salt, and purified water. Salt is made by grinding crystals down in the grinder. Glass orbs…full of soup? I have no idea what you’re suggesting.

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You use glass orbs to make p.water, which then goes in the soup… and said glass… is umm? ya…

I guess we are really into “BAM!” and tossing it somewhere?

Its video game… and crystal is easy come by, never really cared for change or fix. XD

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Non issue since crystal isnt hard to come by.

I believe that this video answers your question.


Derp. I forgot about that step, my bad. Not entirely my fault, because the bulk of my purified water comes from…well, let’s just say “people who no longer need it.”. :wink:


Such a deep insight… I am ashamed, will get it together and act like a normal person from now on. I am so decadent. :blush: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Ouch!

Outsmart the game … Instead of wasting ur time harvesting crystals, melting them into glass, turn glass into flasks, filling flasks with water an turn em to purified , try going to set city, at merchants district, seek the vendor skinflint, and buy 10 flasks for 1 silver coin. … Now add the silvermine in the equation, and u will find that flasks r really easy…


Yes, I know! Those vendors know what we need. :wink:
Seriously, I am good at making flasks! I know how to get them crystals, it´s easy enough! But you are right, and actually I always have surplus silver.
I was looking at the overall weirdness, and why I love Emberlight because they thought about that.

And here I was thinking of the Witcher and how Geralt just casually tosses the empty vials away, littering the lands with pieces of broken glass. What a wimp he is.

I must admit, I’ve always found it funny how many games require a bottle, vial or similar container to make potions and such, but you almost never get the empty container back after drinking the potion. I guess adventurers really like the crunchy bits.


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