Abyssal Vestige not engaging

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [North America]

Every time I reach the Abyssal Vestige boss in the sewers, it will not engage. I can shoot arrows and it doesn’t damage it. My slave just went in the pit and couldn’t get out so I jumped in to see and died there. Returned, boss still doesn’t engage. I tried logging off, waiting a few days, the whole dungeon reset, but the boss still doesn’t engage.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enter sewers
  2. Reach the boss
  3. Try hitting the boss
  4. Die in the acid pool and repeat.
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It’s a known bug, you need to use a bow to defeat it currently

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I know, but I want them to fix it because I can’t do it with a bow yet… So please fix it, I heard it’s a long lasting bug.

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If I understand things correclty, this will be fixed when the PS4 gets its next update.

That’s correct, we just don’t know when we will be getting that update, I was told 2 weeks ago that it should be a week or two away

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And thats not true… No one at Funcom said any news when it will be released. Everytime “no ETA” and its in “testing phase”.

Truth is: Many people at Funcom are currently at vacation :wink:

I read from Hugo were it was hinted that the update was coming in a few weeks but there was no set date. Last I killed the worm with a bow pool didn’t drain I tried swimming down and acid killed me.

We ussally get a “its off to certifaction” message so we have idea we don’t have much a wait.

As @sestus2009 said Hugo had mentioned it being a week or two away in another thread, we’re just waiting on the final word on when it will drop because it could have been delayed

I mean sestus post is just 2 above this…

Hugo hinted FEW weeks. That is not “one or two weeks away”. So no, NO ONE ever said its just “1 or 2 weeks away”. And most of the time, they didnt say anything related to a date and only “NO ETA”.

10 weeks are still a few, as a whole year has 52 weeks…

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and it’s fixed in the upcoming update slated for consoles in a few days, depending on platform procedures.

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Hugo and I have had a conversation recently where he explained that the update should be ready for authentication within a week, that’s where the 1-2 week estimate came from, it’s normally around a week for authentication all going well.

I don’t know where in the world you come from that a few weeks is 2-3 months away, but where I live a few weeks is generally considered closer to 2-3 weeks

Can you be so nice and show that? If its a normal thread and not PNs.

Edit, well not need anymore anyway: Consoles Getting the Update? - #9 by Ignasi


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