Account Banns - follow your own policies

I’d like to draw attention to the recent account banns we’ve been seeing in the last few months. FUNCOM; please address the situation with your employees that are monitoring and banning accounts without following policy (IE: sending out notifications via e-mail) and leaving players baffled.

On my secondary account; I went for 3-months without a single message, e-mail, carrier-pigeon, etc … to notify me of the problem and then out of the blue got an e-mail that said ~ " I mistakenly banned your account. I’m sorry. In atonement for this error, I’ve provided …"

Now, my MAIN account … same thing. So now I wait with NO notification of any sort with an unknown time-frame for a resolution. And the avenue just regurgitates an e-mail back that says “We no longer accept requests for support directly via email.”


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Its just hilarious with these bans lately. Its 2 possibilities. 1)They finally found a way to get rid of veteran players since they wont leave on their own, so they can finally shut down the game. 2) Anzu got promoted to a volunteer gm.


lolmao at that second one


You got banned for italian?

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all these waves of bans but 0 cheater banned, 0 griefer banned, 0 mini game afker banned

ok then