Account banned?


I’ve literally just paid you, Funcom, to enjoy the game and new server.

Playing the games exactly as intended. And account banned.

This must be in error. I need an answer. Completely baffling

Fix This. Unbelievable.


I’m anticipating that the reply will be:
Please contact funcom support directly via this: to open an email ticket where they can figure out what has happened as it will require you to give them confidential details you haven’t and shouldn’t be posting on this forum.


Hi jcash21, I’m sorry to hear that your account was recently suspended.

I’m afraid we aren’t able to provide assistance with account issues (including suspensions) through the forums. Kwalya is correct in saying that you’ll need to submit an email support ticket through for help with this. A Customer Support Representative will answer your mail as soon as possible. Your patience and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.


I’m contacting through multiple channels because I took off work to play the game today and need this mistake resolved.


Please do not discuss account status and suspensions here. You may contact customer service directly via for assistance.