I want some body help me about my ban

good day,

i got a global ban, then after 2 days i got a specific period ban ( 17/08/2022 )
then i logn today it return back to global ban!

i open ticket ( ban appeal ) before 19 days ago, and there is no response from funcom or anyone!

my ticket id: #56849

Respond to the email to ask questions.

still nothing! there is no update for the ticket and there is no email from funcom!

Did you receive an email initially when you opened the ticket?

yes, and its auto reply email

Ok, so reply to that email to ask questions. Sometimes they need a nudge as they’re overwhelmed.

i try that also, and i reply on ticket and on that auto email!

still same, nothing new, thats why i open topic to let the managers saw my issue and solve it

I get it. Just be prepared that they’re going to lock and delist this topic because it is regarding a ban.

why! i dont know how to reach anyone or any supporter from funcom!
really i want to return back my account.

i didnt write this topic until i didnt get any reply for my ticket

The forum managers here have nothing to do with your ban, nor can they help you with it. It’s a bit like complaining to the gas station attendant instead of the mechanic. @Kikigirl is right, all your inquiries need to go through the Zendesk. Be patient and best of luck to you.


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