Account blocked?

Hey guys, is there any way to get an expedited response from Funcom support? I’ve been getting the account blocked error whenever I try to log into AO for … months? A year? I thought it would resolve itself over time but it did not. I filed a ticket and a week later accidentally deleted it, so I made a new one but it says wait times could be very long

I log into my account on the website and there is no indication that it’s blocked, and if it is, I also never got an email about it.

I’ve been a member since 2004 and my account is very important to me, please tell me there is a way to resolve this, or if Funcom can just please help

(note: it says not paid for or account has been blocked, but my account doesn’t need to be paid for because it is a lifetime account)

All ex ARK lifetime accounts are blocked since the ARK program ended this June.

You mean to tell me that my entire account that I’ve played on for nearly 20 years is now dead and locked because they ended the program my account was once connected to? Are you kidding me?

no i am not kidding

well that’s definitely something I’d like to argue with Funcom, because that’s totally unacceptable. They can’t just cut off an account I’ve put money into and years of work just because I committed the crime of checks notes helping them with customer service sometime during 2004-2006

Have your tried the alternate site To see details of your anarchy online account On the left side > Under My Account > Click Home. You should see account details. If you see a reactivate button, click it.

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