Account deletion?

I used to play The Secret World, the original game, before 2013, and it looks like my account has been deleted. I wanted to come back to this original game out of nostalgia but I’m ready to give up and move on. I’ve tried password recovery and checked my spam folder. I’m not sure of the account name but I believe it was Tartiflutte. I used to be in Europe, I’m now in NA, if that changes things.


I would suggest that you make a Ticket here


I’ve posted it here because there’s no Submit button on that page when everything has been ticked and filled out. Par toutatis.


The email form Melcom linked above is the only way to contact Funcom regarding account issues, you’re not going to get a reply from customer service via the forums.

I don’t know why the submit button wouldn’t show up for you. The form looks fine to me using either Firefox or Chrome on Windows. Perhaps try a different browser or temporarily disable your ad/script blocker in case it interferes with the loading of the form?

I was trying on Chrome on my phone. I’ll try again on PC. I’m not really hoping to get my account back after such a long time but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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Mobile Safari - no submit button :

Maybe it’s important to mention that I have an iPhone as well.

I would suggest to try on a Desktop PC


Switching to Desktop View or similarly named feature of your phone’s browser should force the hidden button to appear.

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