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[Funcom #1065676] Your Funcom Customer Service Ticket

may i get some response please ?

your’s operator


CS response times are currently longer than normal due to a high volume of tickets. How long has your ticket been open?


issue 07.05.2018 ticket open 08.05.2018,… u can contact me via E-mail ,… or write me in game to Operator417
my account is banned because i was hacked,… my laptop was hacked,… but i soled all problems now and changed all passwords, so free my account and pass back all deleted parts please :slight_smile:
best regard



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2018-05-09 14:13:31


Hey there, Joernkuck. I checked on your ticket and it looks like we’re waiting for a reply from you. I replied to that ticket two weeks ago, so please pull it up and reply when you can.


Make sure is whitelisted in your email so it doesn’t get sorted to Spam.


i answeared 3 times no to your e-mail Nossos,… but i get the reply : Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer support Service. Wee no longer accept requests for support via email,… ;_(

best regards



Hmm, that usually means you’re trying to compose a new email rather than replying to an existing tickets. I’ll DM you so.


may u send the email again please, i deleted it by mistake :slight_smile:
but i need my account back :slight_smile:
best regards