Huge issue. Funcom read! (One of your pages are down)

Getting a crazy error here and I’ll post it fully for you! :open_mouth:

It’s from

[the bees have redacted this honey info]

This might be a better place for such an issue. The email support is great for highly technical issues.

P.S.:Hope your issue gets sorted whatever it is

EDIT: Oh…I see it is a more grave issue for everyone. Time to give Andy a bad case of “weekend but not really workfree”

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Thanks was just giving them a heads up before people know the inner-workings of the website that could get bad. :frowning: lol

Should be fixed now as of this writing. Thanks for the alert!

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Since there is already a post about a problem with the account page I thought I should add it here that it still has a problem. I would post a SS but since it’s a new account it doesn’t let me :slight_smile:

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