Account hacked, help!

I think my account has been hacked. All of a sudden my password doesn’t work, I got kicked out of the game, and the reset password link doesn’t send the password to my email. I’ve tried opening up a ticket with funcom but it seems to be bugged, and I can’t tell if the ticket is opening or not, no comfirmation, the ticket window just goes white. WTF am I doing wrong, and who do I have to contact to fix this? I’m a patron and it’s connected to that damned account.

Relax. Everyone’s having login issues. Funcom is aware of it.

It happened to me too and an hour later I’m still waiting for my password reset email thinking I fouled up and forgot the ole pass lol.

OMG, thank you, lol. I’m over here having a panic attack thinking something is wrong. Whew!!!


I was about to blame a Windows update (which is my go-to complaint :slight_smile: )

I blame missing unicorns
only the missing unicorn can save us now


We regret to inform you that your missing unicorn was eaten by a particularly ravenous esquilax. His bones, and indeed his horn, are now strewn around the nasty creature’s cave.

The underlying issue has been addressed. Closing thread.