Account Issue Ticket #1123096

Hello, long time I used to play, and enjoy The Secret World. I even had “Life Time Subscription”
Then during conversion period, even though the Legends account was suppose to be created automatically, for me it never was. I think eventually, issue maybe was partially resolved, as I was able to create account, same name, same e-mail address. I had some rough times for psychological reasons that made me step away from gaming, and a lot of “online” presence.
Recently, I felt an urge to find out how the story ended but it seems my account in bad shape, the transfer never worked, and still doesn’t. Pushing the button doesn’t seem to do anything.

Am I missing something? Thank you kindly for the help.

Update to specify so far there was no update yet. Am I correct in understanding that “Lifetime” status from TSM is suppose to be transferable?

Another update to show there was no update. Since Tencent is taking over Funcom, maybe they will be interested in quality of the support, or lack there of.

Ticket #1123096


I am still here, and I am still waiting. No response still. It will be a month soon. Still TSM LifeTimer with “SecretWar” promo items.

I’ve received response today via e-mail, and they addressed the issue it was resolved as expected, but i do find the time it took them to address it was longer then what is expected. E-mail also confirmed it was the only way to address it, so there was no other venue.