Accounts Deactivated After Payments, No Response to Tickets

I re-subscribed last Wednesday, made payments, and on Friday Funcom froze three accounts for non-payment. Tried changing payment methods, using the “reactivate my account” button, and used PayPal instead of a CC. All with no change, except Funcom takes my money. Opened three tickets on Friday, one got closed almost immediately with no resolution, one got addressed Tuesday, and the other accounts are still blocked for non-payment.

How can you close one of three consecutive tickets for the exact same issue, and leave the other two open? Tickets include: 1093067 1093068 1093071 (arbitrarily closed) 1093386 (reopened).

Since some of these are through PayPal, I’ve opened disputes through them also. This game has the worst payment practice I’ve ever seen.

Hi Apps, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your accounts and payments.

When multiple email support tickets are submitted regarding the same issue, we generally respond to one ticket and close the others, as having multiple GMs assisting you with the same issue is actually detrimental to our ability to assist you as efficiently as possible.

I can see that the specialist handling your case last replied to you at about 2pm UTC yesterday, so please be sure to check your email inbox for their reply. If you still need assistance, please reopen that ticket by replying directly to that mail. I don’t recommend submitting any additional new tickets, as it will only increase your wait time (since new tickets go to the “back” of our work queue).

Your patience and understanding while we assist you with your accounts is greatly appreciated.