Achievements Question

Are achievements account wide or per each character?

99% per char, some are account wide if explicitly stated like reaching 80 with each class which is hard with one toon :wink: purist is also account wide

So it is best to just start my main over again, because if I recall correctly they did a strange mentor system of mentoring up so you really can’t mentor down and do the stuff you missed.

For purist? make a new char and its account wide when you do purist stuff

I picked one character to do all the old quests on to get the achievements…its a lot easier to do conall valley quests at lvl 80 btw. You can find info on threads on where to get the quest

You will receive credit for all the quests you have completed on your old character. You simply talk to a “Chonicler of Deeds” in one of the major hubs a few times and the game updates those completed quests.
For any you missed you can go back at complete at level 80 … see handy link Anubium posted. Funcom opened access to the Tortage zones so you aren’t locked out there now at higher levels.

It can not give you credit for past kills, dungeons and raids you did before so those have to be repeated.

The “purist” achievement is the only one where you need to be within the level of the dungeons listed to get that achievement… but it’s account wide…so if you decide to play on the Saga of Blood server that is starting very soon (I think 27 Sept), then that’s a good opportunity to get it done. But it is only one title and a few points …

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Awesome info guys…Thank you.

So far I have 9 people in my guild willing to return, trying to get more, the fear of course is servers being shut down but I figure it has gone this long I cannot see shutting down anytime soon.

And then there are the ones still really mad about the crafting changes that never happened :slight_smile:, but I hopefully can wear them down.

I don’t think the servers will get shut down anytime soon, they never mentioned something like that and especially with the upcoming Saga Server I can’t imagine that they would do it either because why would they put work into the game if they are going to close it in the near future.
AoC still makes profit as far as I know, the server cost can only be very small since there are only 2 servers left.