Achievements Account- or Character-Based?

Straightforward question - if I get an achievement on my character, do all the characters on my account get it?

Achievements are character-based.

Thank you.
Is anything account-based?

If you purchase the Dawn of the Morninglight Collector’s Edition DLC or the Limited-Time 12-Month Patron Bundle, the items included in those can be claimed on any character on your account.

Also, Aurum is usable across your account. And while you only get one log-in reward a day, the benefits of a Patron subscription other than the free cache key are available to all characters on an account.

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Also, any bonus items handed out for special occasions (such as the recent Orochi spacesuit for Moons of Madness) or compensation are usually claimable by all characters, though I find it best to claim them on the one you’d most want the item on first, just in case :v: