Acid and Smoke Arrows

I can confirm I have seen both of these on siptah but I have no Idea where to farm the recipe or the blood, Does anybody have any ideas or know?

Found a recipe for special ammunition 4 literally today in the big chest of a Vault.
Previously had some luck with Witch doctor recipes (undead pets), and a recipe for the Skellos statues.
So I suppose you can get nearly every possible recipe from the original map in there. Except cooking and brewing that drop quite often from the surges

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you can get black blood by harvesting boss in Volary of Jil, but there is a small chance to get it on regular flappy thingies, just use pickaxe

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You can also get a considerable amount of black blood by killing the Jhil boss on top of New Luxur and then harvesting its corpse with a pickaxe.

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