Black blood is no where to be found?

New content New Arrows and no black blood, Where is this black blood or how do I get it?

drops from a boss in a cave which also drops the recipe even though apparently you can learn it directly. one of the caves on the border between the highlands and the frozen north.

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You definitely do not need to do the new dungeon to get the arrow recipe. It drops from the bat mini boss in the lower cave in the NE of the highlands. The blackblood comes from the same mini bosses. 4 caves, 4 mini bosses. Use a pickaxe.

JJ dancer I’ve been farming the new blackblood tools from bin-yakin seal no black blood

You have to pickaxe the bat corpse to get the black blood, it is not a drop.

Weve gotten thousands of the blood from harvesting with a pick. Its there sir.

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