Black Blood Tools

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[ Official PvE 3562

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with the following picture? I’ll give you a hint… You use it to harvest rocks and ores. ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Farm the Demon Vulture
2.he wont drop the Black Blood Pick

as you can see I was there a long time
is the drop rater lower or something?

I ran it for about 2 hours and almost got 2 complete sets, just missing another skinning knife.
He drops the pickaxe. It’s just bad RNG. I did Asagard for about 10+ hours total now and I’ve just finally found 2 Beri’s, still not a single armorer.

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Good RNG gives you 2 items at a time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a whole chest full of Pickaxe, sickel and axe until I got my first skinning knife… its rng

Yeah it’s just rng. Good luck on ur next try

I got 2 items almost every time but to be there for soo long and not get a pick, feels like something is wrong.

0 drop for me nothing of them and kill all 3 x cave like 40x time i give up

Only the demon vulture in the northern most cave Bin-Yakin’s Seal drops tools.
The 2 caves in the middle have weapon drops, and the southern most cave drops a skeleton key, arrow recipe and a fragment of power. There is a legendary chest in the northern and southern cave. The southern cave chest is easily found, but the north cave chest is up on a natural rock piller just after the tool dropping boss.

BTW all 3 Skull enemies in the caves can be harvested for skeleton keys, except the southern most cave as he just drops it on his body.


I just got the BB Pick… But it took forever, this is how many items I got before I got the pick, minus the upgraded BB Tools… add the tools from my first screenshot and this one for the total.

I know…! There isnt a Black Blood Cleaver right?

The Cleaver equivalent to black blood tools is dropped by Rake/Claw @ The Den.

I know Vampurrism and I already have one. I just wanted a full-matching set of Legendary tools. Its an OCD thing. :crazy_face:

Like I said, I had a full chest of BB tools (45!!), until I got my first skinning knife, which is bugged anyway.
But congrats :slight_smile:

I farmed there for days!!

Also when I farmed it, only the BB tool boss crow and the one with the specialist ammo recipe boss crow dropped Skeleton keys.
The 2 in the middle caves didnt…

I have 4 BB picks, I have the set complete.

These are not crows, they are harpies.:grin::v:t4:

They are mutant nightmare birdies :smiley:



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