Drop rate in a vanilla server

Is there a difference between a vanilla private server and an official one ,on the drop rates, I was in the bat cave killed bosses 13 times and all i got was fragment,scroll and a key, was hoping to get tools. Also same in the unnamed city bosses there dropping jack. Thank you for your time reading this .

usually there shouldn’t be any difference unless the private server is using some mod to boost the rates.

No mods are used ,he said he checked the game files and they seemed ok, drop rate imo is far too low

UC drop rates are low on vanilla as well. I haven’t been to the bat caves recently, so I can’t really comment on that part.

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There’s only one bat boss that drop Black Blood tools, it is Feasts-On-Flesh in Bin-Yakin’s Seal cave, and as far as I know the drop rate is 100%, sometimes he drops 2, but the type of tool you get may vary :slight_smile:

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