Black Blood Tools loot table broken

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

I have killed boss “Feasts-On-Flesh” three times in a row, and every time he only drops TWO Black Blood Sickles. I don’t six Black Blood Sickles. I need a pick, axe, and knife. Please fix this embarrassing bug ASAP.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill boss Feast-On-Flesh
  2. Loot body

I sat and I’ve killed this world boss for more time than I’d care to admit.

The loot table, for me, ended up being 3 picks, 5 sickles, 6 knives, 5 hatchets.

This was my first go around.

And that was in one session, and I’ve done multiple sessions over the course of the last few weeks. The picks was why I was there so long, ended up being upwards of 6-8 hours.

Hi @billzebug, due to the random nature of drops it’s possible for the same item to be dropped a few times in succession, which is not considered an issue.

Should this behavior persist, however, please don’t hesitate to follow up to this post.

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