Scroll (Specialist Ammunition IV): which one is it?

I was farming Black Blood tools (A.K.A. Farming until you get the BB Pick!), and in one of the caves in the way to the one where you can find the tools this giant bird dropped a Scroll (Specialist Ammunition IV).
I was really hoping to be able to craft the Hollowbone Arrows those bird drop, but after reading the scroll I cannot find what is the new ammo I just learned. Which one is the new ammunition?

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Hollowbone is not craftable. You learned Firespark, Acid, and Smoke arrows.


There are four caves with four different bosses! The lower one gives you the specialist ammunition! The middle ones are giving you the…
Act of violence (war axe)
Hollowbone bow
Unwelcome gift(shield you can toss)
The last one (top) is giving you tools!
If you need I can send photos!
Hollowbone arrows you gain randomly from each child of Jhil you kill, no mater if it is warrior of boss, you have to farm them all, good luck :+1:t6:

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Thank you @Jimbo! Mistery solved :joy: I really thought I had learned those already.
Got it @stelagel! I might go back to get another Unwelcome Gift for shows on my wall :stuck_out_tongue: .

Good hunting!

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Unfortunately, this shield is not visible on shield racks :confused:. And if you won’t aim correctly maybe you’ll loose it too, if you aim correctly then you will get it back after you kill the mob from its inventory! Happy hunting m8 :+1:t6:

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Not until 3.0 that is


That’s wonderful news, thank you very much @erjoh :blush:

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