Hollow Bone Arrows

Is there an optimal tool for harvesting Hollow Bone Arrows?

Seems fully random but I myself use a black blood pick with oil of bounty and t3 survival.

I tend to get more blood from things with an ax so if it doesn’t matter then I’ll stick with that.

What is “oil of bounty”? Never heard of that before. Is that from a mod?


Nope, it’s in official.

You need fragments of power in order to make it though, if I remember right.

The wiki says you can buy it from the archivist ghost but for me he does not sell anything, I can only learn the map room feat.

Have to have cleared warmaker aswell I think but not sure, take 5 fragments of power to buy the recipe and then takes 1 fragment of power and 10 oil with a named alchemist, can only apply to items that have no mod and have full durability. It doubles the output of resources, so if you were suppose to get 70 rock per swing, you would end up getting 140 per swing tho it does have a durability timer like jhebbal sag claws.

Ah Ok now I understand, thanks. Can you repair the item if the timer is gone? Or are they broken forever?

You can repair it, but you’ll have to reapply the oil if you want the bonus again.

Also, if you put the oil on the black blood pick you get a much longer timer than on say, an obsidian pick. But of course then you’ll be needing a legendary repair kit for your pick because it’s a legendary item. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue though, even if you can’t craft them, since you probably picked some up as you were farming fragments of power in order to make the oil.

Yeah I hoarded lots of the legendary repair kits, I actually threw many of them away already since I couldn’t use them all. Thanks for explaining!

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