Which pick is best?

I always thought acheronian was the best or the same as the other high tier picks, but wiki says obsidian has better harvesting power. Has it always been that way?

It used to be on par with obsidian, but it got changed. Right now, the best pick is Black Blood – same harvesting power as obsidian, but with legendary durability.

Blackblood pick with oil is the best.

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That’s true, as long as you’re either done mining in 8 minutes or so (don’t remember the exact decay time), or you plan on carrying a bunch of legendary repair kits and oils. Or you could go for the hybrid approach: one Black Blood pick with oil and one Black Blood pick with upgrade kit, both on your hotbar, equip the oiled one only when hitting node clusters, otherwise use the kitted one.

Here’s the wiki on tools:


Select the Pick (right side - Show Picks Section) and the chart will open up. You can see which tool produces which effect and how good each one is. And there’s lots more information there if you need/want it.

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Never use upgrade kit on blackblood pick, If I go for a farming run I take legendary repairkit with me, one bloodpick with oil attached on it and a star metal pick with upgrade. But for farming brim for example I use bloodpick with oil.

I feel ashamed, I’ve played conan forever and I haven’t heard of the black blood pick. I’ve always used the acheronian pick. What am I missing out on? How much better is it?

Harvesting power 8 (same as obsidian), durability 1500. Drops from the Feasts-on-Flesh boss inside Bin-Yakin’s Seal, one of those caves in Frozen North. Needs a legendary repair kit to repair, unless you broke it completely, in which case it’s broken forever, just like any other legendary.

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@JEMsTV Check the chart listed above in this thread (see link). Should look like this:


Blackblood for sure.

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