Acid arrow protection

I know i could test this myself but im at work and was thinkin about it. Does the 4th survial perk protect against the actual physical damage of acid arrows? I just realized last night that a sandstorm make doesnt act the same with poison arrows as acid arrows.

No. It doesn’t seem to offer protection. When I tried it you still take damage to both you your gear.

These need to be removed from game.

No as they are the only way to get to certain thralls that have normal gas masks. (When Ur Tring to raid problematic toxic clans)

Snake arrows do wonders as well.

Nah firespark, stacking 20 bleed

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Haven’t tried those, as the stacking to 81 instead of 100 makes me twitch (I understand the reason, doesn’t make it easier), but I’ll give them a go.

Or try mixing the two :slight_smile: either way both shred through a thralls hp after awhile.

Not refering to thralls. Someone was shooting them at me and my mask didnt work against the damage. I knew the reduced armor durability. Qasnt aware they caused damage also

Yes, acid and smoke arrows both cause damage through a gas mask.

Sandstorm masks, commanders helm, set mask, mask of witch doctor, yoggite mask, and godbreaker helms only protect against poison arrows, there is currently no way to block smoke and acid damage.

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