Action chests can not be openend

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer PVE]
Problem: Bug
Region: [EU]

The special chests at ruins of velstad and temple of frost (the chests that appear and disappear) can not be opened.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Follow bear or sliding chest
  2. Try to open special chest

Some chests need to kill the legendary boss to obtain key to open, also, if your level is not higher enough, you cannot open the chests

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As you try, do you not get a message pop up?

The issue happens with all chests. The reason is someone open the chest and never close it again.

When this happens, you can normally open the chest but it’s simply empty.

I can confirm, for me the chest following the bear is not opening as well, and there is no message that you require something in order to open it.

You don’t require anything. Someone just got to it first after server restart and didn’t close it. So next spawn is bugged.

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