Anyone having problems with some chest not opening now

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Anyone having problems with some chest not opening now, talking the ones where the blue ghost or spirts show, ex, the frozen lake, the chest shows, says open in green, but nothing happens you can spam the button all you want and all over, it does nothing, then disappears, also had the same on others like under water, doesn’t do this every time, but more times than not, and it’s not just me, happening to other players, and yes we have mods on the server, worked ok before the last 2 updates?

I understand that, but when your and see it appear, and pressing E the whole time till it disappears is what’s happening.

This is for the boss chests? Level 60. I am having the same problem sometimes. I thought it might be that another player had opened it recently and it didn’t respawn legendary weapon. At least it didn’t take the key. Has happened since the last update.

I’ve had it happen recently for boss chest also, but seems to happen more on the blue spirt chest, and same, since the update

I consistently can’t open the normal chest or the tiny chest in the cave with the Demon spider. Neither of them has ever opened for me

I’ve also had a chest that rose out of a frozen lake that was not able to be interacted with, I spammed the button the entire time it was there and then watched it sink back into the ice

I’ve had that issue with the chest the ghost bear leads you to. Followed that thing for quite a long time (longer than any other ghost I’ve seen in the game by far. Very disappointing. I know the loot is never anything special, it’s just always a little treat to get those chests.

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