This chest can't be opened in demon spider cave

The game prompts you to press E to interact but as far as i’ve tried you cant interact with it

Up right next to it? (silly question I know…)

On ps4 anyway, the prompt will pop even if your not near enough to do it. =(

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Have you tried opening it after a server restart?

There’s been a bug for a while that if you don’t close or destroy a chest after opening it, it won’t respawn.

Rule of thumb with chests is to always close after looting, and to take all if you are taking anything. Otherwise you will likely run into this issue. A server restart should always respawn the chests contents.

FYI it’s a fragment chest or something not a loot chest

Hey @LZB_Gattsu

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll send note to our team so they can look into it.

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Did you have a colored crystal in your inventory? You need one to open the chest.


At the start of said dungeon (coming from the entrance of " Weaver’s Hollow") you can find one of those colored crystals in a hard to access loot chest.
If you have one of those then clicking this small chest gives you a black or white dye, from what I remember.


I went there yesterday, the chest on the rock finger above the demon spider gives the crystal, the crystal opens the small chest. I received both dyes. The only issue I had was that the Demon Spider was not there, ended up doing a restart, it took a few minutes, but he did end up spawning in.

Got stuck on this too until I found the chest The_gamer00600 is talking about–when you first enter the boss chamber, there’s an innocuous-looking chest that looks like any other loot chest on one of the fingers when you parkour down as said. If you loot it, you get a colored crystal, and if you have that crystal in your inventory and you interact with the chest in OP’s picture, it’ll give you a black or white dye.

Since I think December patch, chests auto-close to prevent this bug from happening.

When I remember correctly, its the chest you get dyes from. But you need special cristals to open it. You dont have it -> chest dont open.

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