Activated Recipes Not in Feats


So I found the battle spatula or something and promptly forgot about it. But yesterday I found the recipe for the Poison Infused Axe ( Venom-Infused War-Axe?) don’t remember the title. I activated the recipe right away.

I found the Venom Infused Axe at the improved blacksmith bench but It isn’t in the feats. Don’t know if it is supposed to be. The spatula isn’t in the feats either.

As described in the thread above you need to find and learn this:

Once you do, all your previously learnt recipes from this feat including your battle spatula will appear and be craftable.

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Isn’t the Venom Infused Axe found in the Library? I can make this axe in the Improved Blacksmith bench… if I have all the required materials. Unfortunately I don’t. Maybe this scroll is bugged/fixed. All I need is the Sandbeast Vile Gland. That will probably be as rare as these scrolls. Also I only have one fragment, so repairing it will be impossible.

I know that. However the RnG behind it is ridiculous. I could theoretically get every recipe that requires Library_of_Esoteric_Artifacts without ever actually getting the Library_of_Esoteric_Artifacts.

" I think you should make getting Library_of_Esoteric_Artifacts a bit more doable rather then hoping for the RnG Gods to shine down on you. "

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:confused: If obtaining the scroll Library_of_Esoteric_Artifacts is required in Siptah, then I must have already gotten it and not know… doubt it. Or did the RnG gods shine down on me twice? Still haven’t gotten any Star Metal, so musta used up all my luck right? :thinking:

So, in Siptah, the devs are giving us scrolls usually found in the library by spending fragments and without requiring Library_of_Esoteric_Artifacts or fragments.

Therefore, when I read the scroll I should see the recipe in my Feats. I don’t and it would help if I could. That is my point.

Again, I can build these items, including the spatula. Yes, I figured out why previously I could not build it. The spatula requires Haftmaker. Once I unlocked that, the spatula showed up in the improved blacksmith bench recipes.

Maybe you can take a look in the saerch area of your feats. Search for the spatula or whatever you get per scroll. Do they apear there? My linguist is showing up there only and not in my “main” feats.
So maybe its not a bug just a feature :wink:

The weapon recipes are not found in the search results. However, I picked up a “Language” recipe, which does show up in the list.

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