Active T4/T5 Raiding Guilds (USA any time zone)?

Can anyone recommend any guilds that fit the above and are filling spots? (Other than BLR.)

i think meathooks minions still play

they do
but in t5 only kill vissy
RN/TeG kills t5/t6 tho

For US guilds, there’s really no full guild raids anymore in T5/T6. There are currently only 2 raid groups that regularly clear T5 and T6, and both groups are a mixture of RA/RN/TEG players.

Meathook’s Minions I think are working on T5 Champion, no idea if they do anything in T6.

Nightwolves can clear 1st 3 bosses of T6, no idea what they do in T5.

I guess MM and NW might still do some T4 during the week, but not sure.

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MeatHooks Minions is a US Eastern Time Zone raiding guild.

We are working our way thru T5 and are currently at the Champion of the Honorguard and once we clear T5 we will move on to T6.

We run T1 - T4 raids on a rotating schedule along with crafting runs and 6 mans thru the week.

You can find more information on our website at or PM me here or send me an in game tell.


Empire of stygia has mostly t4 + geared folk looking to progress but have been stuck around t4 a long time. We would love some committed raiding members interested in moving forward.