Actual offline mode

One day I decide to turn off my internet and play “offline mode” only to realize that I can’t even play “Offline mode” without the internet. Bought the game on summer sale, and now I’m pissed. I’ve spent a lot of time playing Conan exiles and tbh I’ve loved the game since, having said that my first experience in the game was more than dissatisfactory for multiple reasons, like performance, load times, janky menus, bugs that make NPC disappear when I look away for a bit, etc. despite all of that I’ve had so much fun playing by myself in the “offline mode”. So my question is WHY CAN’T I PLAY OFFLINE WITHOUT INTERNET???

Maybe it was an attempt at stopping piracy but it makes the game hell of a lot worse for people who actually sunk money into this game, and yet you treat us like we are the scum trying to kill your business.
Let’s say maybe I can forgive that but then how about removing the word that says “single-player mode” from the steam page, oh yeah that’s right you cant because its part scam of a business.

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