Offline play, please (i know about mod, but it not same)

Now i play Conan Exiles with Offline mod - your site can’t give me rights to include link in post, but i can easily find it in steam workshop.
Reason - my home network is very unstable.
Cons of this mode from SW - if i create character in offline mode and try paly official solo/local coop mode game ask wanna i delete my old character.

I no see any reason why not add fully official offline mode to game.
Please add it.
Or answer why you not want add it.

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Thats a shame. Yeah true online mode would be nice, also a way to skip intro. Im really getting mad after seeing the intro that many times.

You mean true offline? Or we just don’t understand each other?
Also, i can skip intro just clicking or press esc.

Developers read topics in this part of forum?
Or this all going straight to void and oblivion?

They generally do, some suggestions have even made their way into the game.

I’d second this, but to add to the true offline mode idea, make it so solo play/co-op can be paused, it is annoying playing the game solo, getting suddenly interrupted by someone or something during combat and being unable to pause.

Pause in official offline will be great.

Cause now if i need interrupt game session to do some 10 minute stuff i need use -> go to main menu.
And after i back in game all resorces around is refill and monsters too.
Not sure about world bosses, but demonical version of standart monster - sure.

In official solo/coop refilling work same?

lol sorry, that happens by not reading again what I write, yeah true offline. Yes but I have to wait till half of the intro to skip it.

That does also generally only apply to PC games, as the previous and current console generations still haven’t been able to be pirated or emulated in any way, and with it being this late in the current console generation, seems like current anti-piracy measures on PC are rather archaic and in need of an update.

I don’t know how it in another country.
But in my(Russia) Conan Exiles in all torrent now.
Current version.
Ready to play.

I don’t love pirates.
But WTF, if some good guy(big TNX hades) can create mod in steam workshop to play offline, what stop pirate to use it?
I almost sure this mod or another with same finctionality - part of pirate version of game.
Or they write they own patch.

Who want pirate game - can pirate game.
Why not add trully offline for those play officially?
Why we need use mode for that?

Idk know if this is exactly what you’re looking for but you could try mickeys toolbox that way you can create two saves, one for offline and one for online. it wont let me post the link but just look up mickeys toolbox conan exiles and you should be set

I look full offline.
Game not have it officially - just try play conan exiles with shutdown network.

Mode created by hades in steam workshop - give you possibility to play offline.

I don’t understand why developers not add this possibility officialy in game. To play in full offline.

also you describe method how with mod use 2 saves - but we don’t have it possibility by default - in official version of game, same like full offline.
And this post suggestion to realise future like this.
Mods not always have good support.
Mod author can just drop his mod in any time.

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