Add chain-victory quest to pvp arena

Hi everyone, I write this post because most of the time pvp arena is empty (not talking about saga even if sometimes its really quiet too). Maybe it would be intersesting if you added another quest like the one we have for minis with chain-victory. I dont really care about the rewards, but the one we already have (pvp arena faction token) is clearly useless once you got rank 4. Pvp exp skulls would be nice or even another kind of token to buy pets or social items. Im sure it would make arena more attractive for everyone.
What do you think?
(apologies for my approximative english)

The pvp arena on Crom is mostly used only to alt farm. Adding an additional quest would probably be a good thing for a short while, then just be used by alt farmers.

I don’t see how it would attract more people. I play minigames because I love PvP, and I have never, ever, finished the big quest, and I don’t care, since I’ve managed to complete my toons without it. In the end, people play because the game is fun and not for the rewards. Moreover, adding this sort of quest would cause even more altfarming, like Roddam put.

Of course I understand that people like you and me are not playing for the rewards, but I don’t think everyone have the same feeling. I don’t like the fact that PVP on Crom is 90% minigames. Funcom introtuced PvP arena to give us something else to do (by that way killing Khemi Arena too), i’m sad we don’t use it. It could be alive most of the time only with 4-5 players in, and alt-farming would be harder. To me, the only way to get more players there is to give them something to play for. Maybe a sort of « festival » there would be interesting.

Well, what I forgot to say is that I don’t do duels in the arena because I prefer minis, and this new quest wouldn’t make me play duels again unless I feel like it at the time. Maybe most people prefer group PvP too.

What about going to a PvP server, like fury :slight_smile:

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My mains are on Crom, but thanks to Saga I’ll have a fresh pom on fury in few days :wink:

Looking forward to pvp with / against you on fury :slight_smile:

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