Add search bar to consoles

With the amount of items in the game and all dlc content it’s really frustrating to look for things and scroll down for several seconds to craft something simple or find all pieces of a certain armor or building piece. Adding a search bar will be a huge improvement.


Yes please! We really need something. As far as QoL improvements go, this is right up near the top of the list for consoles.


This would be wonderful, I don’t understand why PC gets one and consoles don’t. Or why there is one in the Feats menu but not the crafting menus.

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Some PC players said, it is also gone on PC If you use Controller…

What just opens more question: who came up with that idea and what for?

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this would be lovely, there are just so many things in the main crafting menus, so being able to quickly filter it down would be amazing,

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100% agree

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Typing with a controller is not exactly a good time, but for personal crafting, putting building materials (filterable by tier) on a different window/tab/whatever would work. Or just have filters work like someone put some thought into them and actually filter out (remove) stuff that doesn’t match, rather than “greying” it out and making you scroll through the clutter anyway.


This is partly true. I use an Xbox 360 controller on my PC and the only way to make the search bar appear is to hold down a key on the keyboard for a few moments, I prefer the shift key.

While it isn’t as onerous an issue, console users and PCs with controllers can jump to the next perk, if the points are available, with a single button push. There’s at least one thread requesting this feature for all PCs.


The problem is not the perk-menu, but the whole crafting menu.

Also for armors it is not sorted correctly. Some parts are mixed in on some strange places.

I seriously dont get this “feature”. Someone implemented in the game, that when you use a controller the search bar is gone.

@Hugo @Ignasis
Could you poke your devs WHY someone implemented this? And can you REMOVE this? There is no harm for console players without keyboards if there is a searchbar.

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i think alex said something about this on console, “it costs money to dev, if there was enough call for it, itd be done.same w the vanity cam.” im askin @multigun for verificationals plz 8]

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There is a feature which PREVENTS it!! So someone invested time, to code something which makes what sense?

Look 2 posts up. If a PC player users a Xbox controller, he has to press a key when opening the menu, to get the searchbar.
Its the same codebasis.

So someone implemented “if controller is connected = dont show search bars”.

lol ima ignore this thread, its about to be tldr dogpile takin u to school.
tldr plz add searchbars plz yumbbqthx

lol read previous replies, before you start to write in a strange way :wink:

PS.: FC already had costs by implementing a feature which has seriously NO purpose at all.

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Anything that can help will be appreciated. All I want is the armors to be together in the same row or something like that.


Now, let’s not get crazy with these completely unrealistic requests! :rofl:

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Would this be better if it was a whole separate menu instead of the sidebar we have now? Maybe we can tag favorites in the crafting screen and they would populate the sideboard area we have.

Even something as simple as a menue sorted out like the feats menu that we could craft from and tag certain recipes from there.

I have tried plugging a keyboard into the PS4 but couldn’t get it to work for conan exiles.

Oh Megaton it doesnt bother me what it is specifically, just as long as it is something. Different windows or tabs as you suggested would be fine, just as much as a search bar for me. Favourites tab, you name it and Im all good with it. But we definately need something, because by the time we add in another 4 or so DLCs to an already VERY bloated Handcrafting menu, its going to be a madhouse.



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