Add splitscreen

I think this game would be so much better if it was splitscreen here is why more people would buy the game as it will be more fun to play with a family member or a friend. I personally want to play it with my brother. I chose this game instead of ark survival evolved becose I thought this was way better. Plz add splitscreen

Are you on console? You realize many console games don’t support split screen play because the machine doesnt have the computational power to support it.

I have two computers and two copies of the game. That’s just the reality of gaming today.

plus also in most split screen mode is when they design a game not to be graphic heavy so that they can support splitscreen… and also to why would you want split screen CE it would be hard as hell to see any of the UI since the UI doesnt scale with screen

I understand but ark has done a good job at splitscreen…Why can’t Conan ?

Yeah I’m a console player. The fact not much games support splitscreen make me sad a lot of games were going to be splitscreen but they cancelled it to make it better graphics for example for honor