Split-Screen Co-op for PS4

It would be GREATLY appreciated by many, if there was a split-screen co-op option, So 2 people could play on one big screen tv…

My wife would love to play with me, but we end up playing ARK instead because it has that ability. I think she would love Conan much more than ARK personally. I know I do.

Just a humble suggestion (pleading)
Thank you…


As long as it like mincraft split screen. Ark chains you to the player. Allow split screen co op for offline mode as well. I want mincraft split screen co op. That way We are free to do what we want.


It would probably be difficult to implement now post release. However, coming from a guy who lives in a country with lousy, expensive internet, if they it could be done then I would say oh hell yes!

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Depends if it online and offline feature.

Hypothetically speaking, for myself, I would ideally want it to be an offline one. Or better yet both.

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I want both too. Don’t chain the second co-op player to me. Let them run free.

It’s not a bad idea as such, but as I understand it, consoles often struggle to render a single instance of CE, so they’d probably buckle if they had to run two.

Granted, some of it could be alleviated if those instances had to follow the tethering restrictions etc, but there’d still be no way around double the render.

So this is probably one of those that has no chance of seeing the light of day.

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Well, the upcoming ps5 is supposed to have full backwards compatability… Maybe with the buffed up hardware it’ll be a possibility.

Why was I flagged. I was on topic. @Mikey you said it hard to do. That a lie. Many other games have added co-op second controller after the product was release.

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