Add the missing content without hurting us

Funcom the following is not meant to be hostile and although there has not been much mention of extra content I wanted to say something in the dawning days of this game.

I know that for a few weeks after release ironing out bugs is the main priority,the mass of people playing now must be largely superior to early acess.

That being said, I think the game is good but we know there was more to the game than this .

It’s plain to see some features
are missing from the thrall system,even the design is somewhat lacking ( refering to the chameleon eyes on some named NPC’s for instance )
Archery needs some work.
Sorcery was mentioned but not implemented by lack of resources.
And around the map you can feel that some elements and areas are missing, probably objectives as well.
Also the remove bracelet questline makes little sense,there must be more that was cut out for lack of time.

I wish to see the game bug free,I want my map markets to disappear,the thralls to behave properly,dead bodies not disappearing .

But also when these elements that should have been there on release are added ,please remember those who bought the game on release and even before that,and don’t make us pay for stuff that should have been there,right now this is a game that I have the hope will embody the best mmorpgs have to offer.

I will be happy to pay for DLC that adds new elements and lands,I’m just asking for discernment when it’s time to expand.

Thank you for the game you made.

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